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Thread: Tactic question

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    Tactic question

    I have a question about some tactics , seems like i don"t get it.I have a Cup match today vs slightly better opponent he is 24.7 vs 23.7.He is using 3N-4-3 I checked in the "Table of Counter Formations - What to use? " and suggested systems there are: 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1, 4-4-2 Classic, 3-5-2, 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly
    Since i have players for 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 i think of using 4-4-2 because it"s a Cup match and i have 4 defenders,but what i don"t get it is this: He"s playing with 3N forwards and with 4-4-2 i have 2 CD with no DMC , so it this reliable?
    And i think to attack him down both flanks since he has only 1 player on each flank , with 4-4-2 i have 2 on each.

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    Many people says that dmc is mainly used to neutralize amc.. maybe that's why 4-4-2 is suggested..
    Imo, if your opponent st is very good (5*/scouts/>>), you need to have at least 1 dmc..
    But since your quality difference is not so big, just play your strongest formation and you will be fine.. Good Luck