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Thread: 3n-2w-3n-0-2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorin Marinescu View Post
    There are many other things u should keep an eye to: condition of your players (they are tired -> play less good), morale (keep all with highest morale), indications (aka red/blue arrows), counter attacking or not, attacking on wings, center or mixed, hard tackling or normal or easy, financial motivation of your players, no. of spectators which increases your possession bonus etc.

    This game is more than just formations, isn't like rock, paper, scissors.
    To achieve high performances and win titles you need to take care of every aspect of the game. Don't blame the ppl that tells u X formation counter Y formation, cause in their case it did.
    Condition : all my team was above 95%, for the morale too. I had a good possession but never give a financial motivation. I thought my orders and arrows were wrong. And maybe the engine helped my opponent too.

    Quote Originally Posted by shwanko07 View Post
    he don't have wingers, so you can use 3N-1-4-1-2
    Should I play without goalkeeper ?

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    i believe that 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond is a good counter for this formation.

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