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Thread: How does Man-To-Man marking work?

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    How does Man-To-Man marking work?

    In other words, how do I know which of my players will mark which of my oppponent's players.
    For a 3-1-... formation against a ...-1-3 formation, it should be obvious, but when I watched the animation before "3D" was introduced, players didn't always pair up in the way I thought they would. I tried observing some matches and writing down players' numbers, but didn't reach any conclusion..

    In a coming match I have to defend against ST and AMC. I have a DC that is up to the job but my DMC is weaker than his AMC and I am considering playing an MC out of position (comments please). So I assume that the ST will be marked by an appropriately positioned DC and the AMC will be marked by whomever I place in the DMC position. If that's the case, who will my other two defenders a (I need 3) mark?

    Thanks for any help.


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    6 percent additional condition loss per player/entire match for increased defensive effectiveness seems to be the only thing man to man does. I wasted time in the past reading up on tactics and formations that work better with zonal and man to man. Didn’t work for me.

    I notice my attackers and MCs helping out alot with defending as well. Hard to tell what the engine dictates and we are limited by animations. While tanking i observed my 1 star team beat 3 star teams and draw with 4 star teams while playing weird formations so i don’t think positions and how we place players matter.
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