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Thread: Thoughts on the 3 defender formation (DL-DC-DR)

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    Question Thoughts on the 3 defender formation (DL-DC-DR)

    So I have been playing with the modern 4-2-3-1 for a while. Recently though I have been tinkering more than usual. Although I have no glaring weak link in the squad, the defense is slightly lower in quality than the rest of the team. Also I ended up stacking my midfield in recent days so it's a bit of a struggle to find the balance.

    One MC is young. The other is well rated and also a dribbler. The DMC can also play as MC and has a playmaker ability. Since I can't abandon the current set up in attacking positions since AMs and STs are performing well, I thought about sacrificing one of the two DCs.

    Has this left me significantly vulnerable, anybody tried a similar experiment to confirm how it went? Also any arrow suggestions for players is appreciated too, I rarely implemented them in the tactics.

    Thoughts on the 3 defender formation (DL-DC-DR)-topeleven3.jpg
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    I guess against weaker level, you can score alot,
    same level, probably trade with each other lots of goal.
    higher level, very prone to counter attacks and its never good to be counter attacked.