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Thread: How to put AMC in 4-5-1v

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    How to put AMC in 4-5-1v

    I'm using 4-5-1v. But when I face the team that don't have DMC I will put AMC to my formation. Here are the question

    1. When I put AMC do i have to bring down my AML/AMR to ML/MR or can I use AML/AMC/AMR together ?

    2. My 4-5-1v always use normal, down both flank passing mix with counter attack. If I want to put AMC do I have to change my orders ?

    3. Is there any effect if I put the player in to the position that they're not familiar with ? (for example I put my MC up to AMC)

    thx for the advice

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    IMO, when putting an AMC, you can:
    1. Using AML-AMC-AMR if you don't have real ML / MR. Other wise, you can put down the AML, AMR for more balance formation
    2. No, you should still attack down to both flanks. However, if you see it's hard to win through the flanks, try to attack into the middle
    3. You can use MC or even ST for AMC instead, but remember not to use regularly.