How do I beat this? (Pics Inside)-chrome-2013-06-01-10-49-38-97.jpgHow do I beat this? (Pics Inside)-chrome-2013-06-01-10-49-53-17.jpgHow do I beat this? (Pics Inside)-chrome-2013-06-01-10-49-58-31.jpgHow do I beat this? (Pics Inside)-chrome-2013-06-01-10-50-05-91.jpg

1 Point, last game, desperation *side bet with my friends going on* and all the beautiful things about football in this upcoming game. Last game of the season for both the league and my team. Ought to be a good one but I've not won against him so far and how do I go about this?


and as a bonus here's Lara

How do I beat this? (Pics Inside)-tombraider-2013-03-17-19-20-43-17.jpg