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Thread: What is the point of (investing) in young players ?

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    What is the point of (investing) in young players ?

    i dont find a valid reason to invest in young players and let me explain why

    i am 3 level manager now so my scout list stop at 39 quality and average price for the good one scout player is 3-4 M
    according to forums scout players are kinda fast trainers so i take as a measurement that a good fast trainer will cost 3-4 M

    now lets jump to market

    a 18 years old player average cost is 3 M and over 10 tokens just to win him in 34 Quality that is market max
    lets say you buy and 50 rest packs that cost 46 tokens (i dont calculate the case that he will get injured)
    now from that 50 rest packs he will gain (i say that he gain hard match training 200 % progress = 2 skill points and he lose only 15 condition = 1 rest pack) 100 skill points that mean from only rest packs he will get to 40 , something quality )
    all that happen in 2 days if you log each hour and do the hard train (can be faster if you use all 3 training)

    now you will start using him in games so lets say he will gain another 2 skill points per match x 25 days x 2 games per day
    = 100 more skill points , that mean that from 40 something he will jump to 46,something quality

    in next 3 seasons if all are good he will be 1,2 level bigger than the scout list and in the next 4 same as a scout list player

    so the invest are for approximately 7 seasons for 46 tokens + 10(+-) for buy = 56 tokens and 4 M

    now lets say i invest in a market 24 years old player that need little skill points to get to new star quality that mean
    a 34 quality player that will become 35 and with matches maybe toward scout player that players cost around 1,5 million
    and 3 token max and il have a kinda semi scout player

    in next season i sell this one and buy a new one with 39 quality that will go to 44 quality etc etc etc

    so 7 season x 3 tokens x 1.5 m = 21 tokens and 10 M to having a player in semi scout condition

    so according to my toughs having a 1 level higher player cost 1.5 more times the tokens (and as tokens are the problem
    for free users) i dont know i find it that its not worth investing in young players and is better to invest in 24 years old players

    what is your opinion about this matter ?
    did i do wrong calculations ?
    my thoughts are correct ?
    other more experienced managers have different opinions ?

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    I dont think, they are worth it. Better buy @ scout

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    You raise a good point in my opinion (im lvl 3 right now).
    - For non token buyers (me)
    Young players are nice to buy with high quality since this season and next few they will be good and you don't have to exchange (sell them buy new one like with old players) meaning less token loss from bids. But mostly I will just buy high quality players that aren't contested by many players (I still prefer young because they last/keep up longer).
    - For token buyers
    Young players train quick so you can mold them into exactly what you want. More positions, a special ability or arrange his stats how you like.

    But yes I agree young players are overrated. I just buy whatever good players I can get my hands on for few tokens.
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