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Thread: please explain that for me

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    Question please explain that for me

    what is the better changing my formation every match or staying on same formation all matches please help

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    oh man... this question is older than the game itself )

    There is no correct answer actually cause I've seen people that used the same formation with the same 11 players the entire season and in the end it won the title or in some other cases positioned in the top 3.

    But also I've seen people that changed formation very often (maybe even from one match to another) and used lots of players and sometimes they won the league, but sometimes not.

    In my case, I try to use my best players on every match or as best as possible, making only small changes according to what kind of formation I'm playing against. If the other team attacks on flanks or on the middle, if is an attacking or defensive formation, if it has a weak side, or worse: a much stronger midfield and very strong attackers...

    I personally don't think is possible to win all 3 competitions in one season or at least 1 of the 3, without changing the tactics and formation. Maybe only if you have a very very strong team, with at least a few scout players you can win the League using same formation for entire season. But in the Champ. League or Cup things are different and maybe with a strong formation someone can reach the final stages, but I doubt can win it. I beat lots of stronger teams with scout players in Champ. League and Cup and sometimes it happen to me to win both legs.

    So, in my case I like to use my best players but adapting the formation in order to block the opponent and to increase my chances of scoring some goals. In one particular season I was involved in all three competitions till the last matches and I had to make lots of changes, to rotate players, even change formations during matches, selling & buying players during the season (reaching the final stages brought me good money) so I can improve my team... I've put everything in that season, all the money, all my tokens saved through the previous 2 seasons, changed the formation almost every match, I've read the forum almost every day, but in the end I've missed the Big Triple, winning the Ch. League and the Cup, but finishing second in my League with 1 point behind. When I had to face strange formations I tend to use my favourite formation (because I have one) which means my best players in their best positions.
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