After not winning any trophy Last Season the coach decided To Strengthen his squad and bought Some new player one of them being a 5* Ml replacing Tosseto after the legendary P.Tosseto retiring This season The coach decided to Focus on The league An Champions League After so many Matches and losing a title decider to First placed and then losing the second placed at the ending of the season Mikton United hopes came to an End finishing 3rd in league,Quarter Finals in Champions League and Qualifying Stage in Cup The Chairman Of the Club Abdishakur Decided to give One last Season to make things Right and if he didn't win any trophy he will be sacked The Fans were Unhappy with the decision and put banners to show their support for the manager And also the players promised to do well next season as wel as the manager
Home jersey : Red
Away Jersey : Black And Blue design 1
Most used Formation : 4411
Best Player : Petr Janda Scoring 27 Goals in 39 matches

Shakir Scored 12 Goals This Season in league

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