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Thread: Stats, Builds and better of quality

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    Stats, Builds and better of quality

    I have a team that is NOT BY FAR THE BEST but better than there opposition i have

    Better facilties, stadium, team, quality and always watching a match and had supporters, this isnt a one off this is like the fourth time something stupid comes off and tactics are tried during the game make no difference! I proberly missed one this season and i have buried ALOT of tokens and taken up offers to get tokens (wasted money) to this game and for what a draw with 200 seater mid-table weak teams with two injurys and they taken the lead WHAT THE F***

    do you guys not take these facilties, stadium, team, quality and always watching a match and had supporters,and REAL STATS possesion etc into acount????
    Seems not or there a mess up along the line and you need to sort itStats, Builds and better of quality-elebullshit.jpgStats, Builds and better of quality-shitgame.jpg!!

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    Welcome to T11 get used to it.
    To be fair, IMO putting one MC against 3 MC's and a DC is not the best tactic.

    Seating capacity is also irrelevant as you where the home team.
    Taking a look at league positions can often give a clue as to how the game engine is going to run, Eg playing a team that can make a move on 7th or 4th place is a danger sign, also a game against someone who can maybe catch second place even if you are 6-8 points clear these are the banana skins that you need to avoid.
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    i did orginally start with 4-4-2 but with the players i got i wanted to get another striker on the pitch as attack was needed so i get more cances with his midfield outta action (well supossly) and got one goal back but is a horrible engine in my option

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    Tactics might have had something to do with it, he might have played super defensively for all you know.
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