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Thread: Friends and gifts.

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    Well there is something that bugged me a few days after playing the game.
    I actually added people with whom I play the game but I noticed that I can only accept one kind of each gifts they send me. So basically there's a limit of 1 kind of pack to obtain everyday.

    I think this is quite ridiculous. Players should be able to obtain as many gifts as possible because games on facebook are a part of socializing, and right now I actually wonder what's the Point of adding friends to the game if we're unable to receive all the gifts that are sent.

    Any feedback about it?

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    I have posted the same thread before and i had this answer:

    <<<its not good i will say why
    in top eleven you can add alot of friend so if i can accept all the gifts i can add 10000 friend and accept 10000 skill points every day
    so i will have 10 stars team in one day !! >>>

    This answer is logical but after i suggested they could make a limit 5 treatments,5 morale boosters,5 rests and 5 skill points in a day(or even lower like 2-3),becouse its too low to get only one kind of each gifts per day.

    But the problem is they wont read this topic and even if they read,they wont accept it,cuz they want us to waste our tokens for rest packs etc and buy tokens more and more...

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    Hi, What do to get gift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swarthit Khan View Post
    Hi, What do to get gift
    A friend can send you one gift (token or color packs) per day. You can get maximum 1 unit each for all 4 types of gifts per day.

    If you lack friends, actively adding some friends is the first step to ensure receiving maximum no. of gifts per day.

    I believe many managers, like me, do not like actively sending gift, but don't mind sending back gifts on receiving. So my daily procedure is daily accepting gifts, sending back to the senders, and waiting for them doing same thing daily. Then I don't need to use my brain much in order to get maximum number of gifts daily.
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