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    I think players should have the abilities to loan members of their squad to other players. This would help in a numbers of ways.

    For example, I just signed a young player from the academy. It's a left back with four stars, but I currently have a five star left back on my squad. The five star one is 32 years old, whereas the four star is 18. In a few seasons, the older one will retire and I can use the younger one. But until then, he will not get very much playing time and will therefore not improve. By the time I need him, he will be only a one or two star player.

    If I was able to loan the younger one to a team in a lower league, he will gradually improve and then he will be a better player, despite not getting in a game with my team.

    Would this work??

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    Yes this seems like a good idea to me. Except that all loan deals would have to be agreed and signed pre-season. So as to avoid, cheating between friends and players with multiple teams. You could have players being loaned for one match and 2 match's just to strengthen for big games.

    And all the loans deals would have to be for the whole season so the loaning team does not suffer if you suddenly want the player back due to injuries in your squad.

    But in principle its a really good idea.