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Thread: Loan players

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    Loan players

    What are other players views on having a loan section introduced into the game??.

    If i had a full squad of 22 players then i´d play my best 11, and have the best 7 as substitutes, then the other 4 would be reserves, reason being there not as strong as the other 18, then i could put them up for loan, each manager who then is lookin to add loan players to his squd can only have 2 loans per season, so for the weaker teams comming into the higher leagues they could look on the transfer section of the game and see there was a loan section, go in it and see who is available for a season loan, or maybe at 1st on a weekly basis.

    Then if he´s taken on loan the chances are he´ll be in the 1st team, thus getting match time and picking up skill points, making him a better overall player.

    Loaned players cannont play in the cup games, cannot play against their parent club.

    The players wage will be Split between his parent club and the club he´s gone on loan to.

    When obtaning a loan player maybe he will cost 5 tokens, 2 goto the club your getting him from and perhaps 3 to nordeus.

    It´ll need alot of tweaking but that´s what the makers are there for it´s just a general idea.

    Be nice to read your thoughts on this, could it work, what issues if any would there be.

    Many thanks.

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    I'd rather just have a larger squad.
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    I'd like to see a way of loaning out players, especially younger players, who might not be good enough for your first 11 just yet.

    It would allow them to improve more than if they just sat around not playing in the first team.