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Thread: Allow us to veiw ALL of our friends matches, even those several levels below us

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    Allow us to veiw ALL of our friends matches, even those several levels below us

    My son plays TOP ELEVEN & he is a level 4 & I am a level 10. It won't allow me to follow his matches and/or see his upcoming fixtures. I help him with his games and being 40 miles away from him unfortunately I can't do very much if I can't see his upcoming matches. It doesn't make much sense to be friends with someone and be limited to only a select few of my friends. PLEASE do something about this. I think it would be a simple fix

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    You can view your friends fixtures and watch there matches, If you can't see your son's fixtures and games it will be because you are on different servers. If you play through facebook and started around the same time the chance is that you will be drafted onto the same server. However if you started accounts at different times (as you have done) the chances are that you will not end up on the same server. It is annoying when you are put onto different servers to friends and family but there is little you can do once its done. You can only see if he has won/lost or drawn. But you can still view his team by clicking on his name under friends.

    Tip for the future, refer a friend to play the game seems to allow that player to join your server. I referred three people at different times and they were all added to my server.
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