1. Add Manager Stat
I know manager and club is bound to each other in this game but sometimes I saw a team at my level league and how much he had achieved and the fact that he has playing quite longer time and wondering how he can positioned at my level. it would be great if there's some season by season stat so that we can see how well he perform in each season. this will push manager to keep their season position higher as they can get and not just playing safe because they already got what they want. And also other detail stat like biggest club transfer in and out, top scorer of the club and other.

2. More sophisticated Achievement system
current game achievement is all about season per season basis rank. its would be awesome if there's an extra achievement like when you win 5 in a row match league you got achievement "one hand win" or if you losing in all league game you achieve "booo", or when you involve or even winning a bidding war with 20, 50 token or more you got another achievement. This maybe a little but it will make us manager will feel rewarded and makes all the works, all the times, all the money we invest is worth it and also encourage us manager to catch em all!!

3. More Interaction
It would be fun if we can chat when in the matches with opponent and all the viewer who went to our game, it makes it more closer to real game. or also at the transfer bidding page. I know it can be use by some douche to spam but thats why I propose it with an option to turn it off so if you dont want to see it you can turn it off.

I really love this game, its have what I want from a manager game. but now in my 17th season I feel stuck with current system and so I suggesting this idea and hoping it will makes the games much more fun, engaging and not ended with just tail chase system in every season.