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Thread: Disallowed goal from offside, Quick-change formation in match and.....

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    Disallowed goal from offside, Quick-change formation in match and.....

    6 point that i want to suggest:

    1. Disallowed goal
    2. Very Low morale player will behave badly
    3. Quick-change formation in match
    4. Match halted when a player injured
    5. Injury time
    6. own goal

    1. i'm suggesting Disallowed goal feature in match script. this could be fun because it's 50:50 and make top eleven more realistic.

    because there are so many goal disallowed these days in real match.

    2. about very Low Morale player. i want some more creative script. like Diving intentionally, shoving player, argue with referee, pushing face (even in real life, Barca vs Real did this) and punish them with yellow or even red card.

    i like the idea about spit in the face and my player did it and sent off in the match. with more creative script, we can enjoy watching the match

    3. when match is started, Quick-change formation is disable. the match happened so fast. that we don't have enough time to drag & drop player change their position.

    4. When a player injured, we want match halted. so we have time to change him with subs. (in real life, when player injured, the referee stop the match, and some manager use that time to change their player) this will be fair for everyone.

    5. injury time added. this injury time is so precious for losing side. while the winning side will get nervous. fun, right?

    6.Own goal. just make it to be more realistic. maybe for players with low morale.

    i hope some of this can be considered and implemented. cheers!
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    I would agree with point 3,4 and 5 but not the other three. There is no point in disallowed goals, How annoying to think you have scored for it to only be ruled out. As for point (2) I think it would be unfair to punish players in this way, not everyone has enough packs to keep moral at 99% and it would be unfair for these people to lose players for 3 matches because a player has been sent off for fighting etc. Point (6) is the same for me, again punishing players with low moral, I think playing poorly due to bad moral is sufficient. Some good ideas though.
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    Just like Marc said, I agree just with 3,4 and 5, if they would add own goal/disallowed goal a lot of teams would lose games because of this and we will have a lot of complains.
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    thank you for pointing that out, as for point 1,2,6 it's just i got bored with expected commentary same over and over again.

    so i thought about this unexpected element to make commentary more interesting. but who knows someday this will be implemented, if Nordeus game engine and result become more accurate and agreeable for players.

    and the chances to this unexpected situation, let's say around 1/30 games or 1/100 games if there is low morale player (it's not necessary to reach 99% morale to avoid this situation, it's for player whose morale in red (almost empty and less)). you just need 2 blue pack to max it, and 1 to reach it for green area (whose player morale is in yellow).

    even manager in real life is taking a risk, to bring player which he thinks in low morale, like Mario Balotelli maybe (he's a time bomb). prepare for the worst. manager should keep their player in high morale.

    i don't know how the engine works. but yeah, this will cause ruckus if implemented immediately. just suggesting some ideas for Development team in future.

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    I do think 3 is a good idea but hard to implement and I'm not sure if it will work. How would the game automatically allocate players to fit the new formation, considering the fact that they may not be able to play in that position unless you play someone out of position. I'd love something like that but I can't see it happening.

    As for the rest... pretty good but random events such as injuries happen in the game... We don't want more random events such as offside and own goals to plague our results.

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    addition from me for point 2, did all of you notice that most of yellow n red card given in game based on tackling n fouls?

    the question is what kind of foul? that's what i'm talking about, giving more reasonable commentary for booking, like diving, shoving etc. to make booking sounds reasonable.

    and also, i conduct many match experiment, i still got yellow cards in a match, despite my team is in perfect condition, perfect morale, no arrow, normal mentality, easy tackling, at least 3 of 10 games. maybe because this is already set to random by engine. this is just my assumption.