Hello Managers,
I have to say I have been playing this beautiful game for about 2 years now and maybe more, I'm enjoying it a lot to be honest the way it is.. BUT I think we still can spice things up and make it even more breath taking...

1) First of all.. you seriously need to add an option of watching your own matches or even a brief of dangerous plays, by resembling the players with dots or circles or anything as in this picture, This way things shall get very interesting and you actually could know what happens on the pitch instead of that imagining what is going on and how the players perform.
And maybe add audience sound and cheers that shall be beautiful.

Watch your match, individual orders, weather.-3_football_manager_handheld_2013.jpg

P.S. : The picture is just to make my point clear, no advertising intended.

2) Tactics and Strategies... 2 things I think separate this game from being a piece of art.. first of all adding strategies like shooting on range, playing on high or low crosses, near or far posts.. such things would make you in a full control of your team, and makes the game actually depend on how you think and how you put your formation into work, not just win because you have better players.

The second point is allowing us to choose the defenders who perform man-to-man actions and on whom, for example the opponents team has a very dangerous player, and I have a very good defender, while the rest of the team is not that good, so I could give him man-to-man orders while the rest of the team is zonal.

In other words we want "individual orders".

3) The Weather... you should really add weather to this game, as we -managers- for example if we have a rainy match day we shall depend on long balls, as short passing won't go through......... also if you have a windy day then long balls are not a good idea, but at the same time shooting on range would be good as the ball might trick the keeper....etc.

That's all I have on my mind for now.. I hope you consider those things for us to enjoy even more. thanks in advance.