Maybe you add something called "pink slips"? It's all about a bet, players bet something for an example players or money and then that who won will get all, you can check how it works for fifa, it's on yt, I would like to set those matches for lvl 3 or 4 and maybe make some limits for an example time limit between "pink slips" matches and limit of tokens- to prevent from some possible way of cheating (don't know how to cheat in something like that but people are creative). And also I would like to see an option section in the game so people can turn on and off diffrent matches, and by that I mean button to completly turn on and off matches like with friends and others (If there will be more of them) and the little help to everybody- I want to have to accept matches from friends because it's just unfair, I had very good season, and someone just trolled me... It's pissing of everybody.