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Thread: Fair, auctions bids with tokens refunded

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    Lightbulb Fair, auctions bids with tokens refunded

    So, i agree and dis agree with the bidding system. This Idea makes it a little more fair. So what it is, if your make it to a round you lose the tokens from the previous round, however you can still get the tokens from the round that you are in if you lose the auction, but don't advance to the next round

    Round one (Bet 2 tokens advanced to round 2)
    (Round one tokens don't get refunded since your advanced)
    Round two (Bet 3 tokens, but didn't advance to round 3)

    Round 3( Did not make it to this round, but your received the tokens from round 2 back

    Since you didn't advance to round three you get the 3 tokens from round two back from you.

    I think this is a fair way with bids, for every one.
    Let me know what you think.

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    Why would you "bet" more than 1 token in each round? That is just a waste of tokens.
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    More tokens used, more money you'll spend.

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    This system will make players to cost more,.
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    "Sealed bids"
    Cost to enter 1 token, you then make one bid Eg 20 tokens highest bid wins, you have 5 minutes to make the second bid
    All other tokens are returned to losing bidders with the exception of the entry token.

    Or at the end of the sealed bids the top three bidders go into a final shoot off, one last bid but no one knows what the top bid in the previous round was.

    IMO this would allow more activity on players being sold and made available as the bidders getting their tokens back can move onto a second target. It would also level up the huge differences in quality between the haves and have nots.
    If Nordeus want elitist gamers then create a elitist server.
    This would surely bring some balance to the current competitions.

    The bidding/auction process adopted by Nordeus is certainly unique in as that, all tokens in every round are gone for ever.
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