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Thread: How would you change Top Eleven?

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    How would you change Top Eleven?

    If you could change Top Eleven to the way you want, what would you do? Reply and tell us your ideas!
    My ideas:

    Better youth academy players would cost 8-16 tokens instead of 12-24

    Worse youth academy players would make better progress because now they're useless

    If you lose an auction, you get 1/3 tokens you lost back (not more because it shouldn't be too easy)

    Option where you can have an old fashioned friendly match (both lose condition and gain points & you must request for it and he/she has to accept to avoid unwanted friendlies)

    In addition to condition and morale, player's recent form would affect his performances

    You would get some few extra tokens after season depending your performances :
    League: 1 for top seven, 2 for top four and 3 for winner
    CL & Cup: 1 for top 16, 2 for top four, and 3 for winner


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    It would be go if you could change the Mourinho team formation !

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    Worth to buy U21 players to be generated as talented as your team (as in real good teams academies mostly generate good players and the opposite), with occasionall 5* or/and SA players. In general more involving in creating a player could be interesting. In this case i would not mind to pay the price or even more, (dont shoot the choice remains on you)

    More random team Q pairing among teams playing in competitions.

    A real worlds alike Cup (Not so close Q teams as in CL and L i dont mind to loose from a strong team but i have to find the way up an easy one also, variety is needed to simulate it better)

    The game is to narrow constructed (much on behalf of managers affect litle, too close Q teams allways grouping, allows autopilot playing not really giving the disadvantage they deserve in comparison with very active teams, no variety on U21, all that are giving few choices in what style (casual or not, lol ) everyone want to play the game, more choices could also be healthy against moaning, no one is moaning when he know what he deserves.
    I am wondering what the f** i am writing all that time but i think u have got an idea about my last's paragraph general suggestion.
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    I think we need live commenting during games so that managers can go at each other.

    2. I think the game needs a live simulation. I dont know if that would cost too much but if we had action figures that would be great. You could start by attaching ingame photographs and change to motion frames in the future.

    I just feel the more real it gets the better.

    3 There should be a world cup that includes every club in the game.