You act like you're doing us a favour by letting bidders go into debt when going for a player but this is rubbish. You allow this simply so that it eats up more tokens for all bidders. You should only be allowed to bid up until your maximum money just the same as you can only bid up until your tokens run out.

Technically you could go 70 rounds with another person for a player, he wins and pays $40M plus 70 tokens, yet he might only have 7M in funds to spend. If he doesn't clear his debt that player is sold on! Infact that player should go to the bidder in second place FACT. So in the end (if the winner doesn't clear his debts) no one gets the player (If it's his best player) yet Nordeus still receive all the tokens accumulated during the bidding.

So even if you continue to allow people to get into debt whilst bidding. IF that player remains in debt after the designated time, the player he won should go to the bidder in second place (If that player still wants to pay the cash)