A few suggestions that I think would improve the game

1. They should inject some sounds in the game, as for example to hear the fans when it comes to goals or simply to hear the referee's whistle when it starts and when it ends the game, only to hear something.

2 Chat, see the story on the forum, and good and bad, but I still think that there should be chat, because it is easier than sending a message through Facebook and searching him ... I believe that there would be cases of insulting, but everything has a price.

3 It would be nice if all the people who are friends on Facebook, and play top eleven are on the same server. I have friends who unfortunately can not follow because we are not the same.

4 We should divide the servers to European, American, Asian ... because if I'm playing with someone from Malaysia or America we definitely did not play at the same time, and when it comes to buying players would be easier for exp. Europeans when shopping around to stand up early in the morning to buy the player would not be so many players fighting over because it almost the similar time in all countries.

Thats all for now, if i think up something more il post
Hope that you will understand me