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Thread: Improvements for Top Eleven(important- wish nordeus would actually read it)

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    Improvements for Top Eleven(important- wish nordeus would actually read it)

    I have been playing Top Eleven for over six months and so far no significant improvements have been made. I think there are some things that can be improved in a way that my interest for the game would reignite.
    1) Gifts and bonuses--> First of all, top eleven lacks of some basic features that other games have such as gifts and bonuses. To be more specific, many games has everyday gifts and jackpots, or weekly, giving the chance to earn something nice. For example, it would be great to have the opportunity to win free training points, or more importantly free specialties(this it could be a monthly gift). As far as bonuses is concerned, some ideas would be to earn some tokens for example if you finish first in your league/cup/champions league or if you have a player of your own as a top scorer.
    2) Chat--> Considering the amount of players in the game, it would be great if you had the chance to chat with your friends and opponents during games.
    3) Matches-->Beside the chat, another necessary improvement is the description of the mach providing more comments about the game, the tactics and the performance of the players.
    4) Challenges--> A great feature in top eleven, would be a series of matches versus the computer( as mourihnio fc) and by winning them you would get a prize, according to your final place.
    5) Transfer Market--> improving the negotiation part would be a good start cause so far I haven't used it due to its setbacks. For example most of the players being there are actually without the manager's knowing or approval. Moreover in the transfer market, you should be able to cancel a sell if did it by accident, shortly after the sale(3-5 minutes tops).
    6) Interaction--> This Feature has plenty to be done. There are millions of players and we know so few things about the other leagues.
    7) Management--> Considering the effort of the the game to simulate management, it should be considered to enrich and improve the possible tactics before and during the game .
    And these suggestions are just on the top of my head.
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    Great one. A way of making physical money should also be introduced. Players buy tokens and spend a lot of money playing the game. Nordeus should introduce a World Cup where all countries in the world will be represented. Interested player who wants to showcase his team in the competition register with token worth 20 dollars. The winner of the competition gets thousands of dollars as reward. Real dollars this time not fake dollars. This will boost players morale to invest more as you know your investment is not going in vague.