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Thread: Five easy tips to make the game better and to make people buy more tokens

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    Five easy tips to make the game better and to make people buy more tokens

    Hi guys.
    First of all, I want to give you my congratulations for the game, the best one in the area.
    I honestly have to say the game can be improved by far with some easy improvements, to avoid most of the players being fed up with the game after some months. With the following features, I bet most of the players would become addicted of the game.

    1) Ranking of Managers

    2) More realistic youth team system, buy your wonderkids with tokens, easier growth of young players

    I would love a more realistic youth team system on the game: this can be easily achieved by adding a list of your youth team players where the youth team building is. Every time you have new young players, you can buy the best ones with more tokens (like 25) and the worse ones are cheaper, depending by their potential. I think the game also needs easier training for young players, because it is senseless buying talents that always become useless when you advance of championship level.

    3) "Explore" your server, find friends, send messages to players:

    This is very important, it's honestly bad that you can't read the other leagues of your server and send messages to other players, while in most of the online games you can explore everything, Top Eleven makes you feel a bit "in cage". This feature would enlarge the number of transfer offers in the game (with more token taxes payed).

    4) Player ratings by season (and club)

    5) Newspaper:

    This is not very important, but a newspaper feature with the most important news from other players and transfers would be pretty for the game.

    Thank you for your interest in asking us our ideas
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    fumisteri top eleven jeu de tricheur juste pour prendre argent a nous

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    I like the ideas, especially number 3!

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    Good suggestions.
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    This is also what I miss in the game,,

    There is a point where you get stuck,, in fact you want to know how 'good' you are compared to the rest.. or you want to see other leagues/rankings/stats of that kind.

    I dont think it should be a big problem to show overall ranking to the players.

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    Cood ideas No 1 and 2 specially!!
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