could you change the moral loss that the player suffer in the game please. it is very difficult without a boost to keep the moral up. to make the moral mirror real life i suggest the following change. NOTE i am talking about the moral loss the players have, not the moral credits you get at the end of the match:

teams that are in promotion places eg top 7 team, players lose no moral if they win. if they draw they lose a little moral, if they lose they lose moral at the same extent as the current basis.

for teams positioned 8 - 14, tplayers should gain moral for a win . if they draw a match they should gain a little moral, and if they lose the match they should lose a little bit of moral only.

like this:
top teams
win =0
draw = -1
lose = -2

bottom teams
win = +2
draw = +1
lose = -1

this gives a slight advantage to the players in the bottom teams but mean they have a better chance of competing against stronger opponents and refletcts real life a little better than the current situation where even when you are wining, your players are losing moral.