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Thread: Some suggestion for Top Eleven

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    Some suggestion for Top Eleven

    1- Can chat with other players with Top Eleven Chat. Sometimes if name are strange (ex. with Vietnamese or Arabic font), or there are much same users (with same name and same profile pic) someone cannot find the people who we want to chat. If not, at least add a button to view his FB profile.
    2- Add U18 League. If the stadium have an young players building the club can decide if make also a Youth team. If the player will advance to older squad (currently unique squad), it will be written near the name 7 days before the advancing. In lower left, there is a button who changes to Youth Team if you are seeing the Older Team and vice versa.
    In the friendly matches in addition to set the date of match the organizer can select if play with older or youth (if both team have youth team).
    3- Add friendly leagues. The organizer can select the type of FL (friendly league) (if knockout like cup, if like League or like Champions) and if play with older or youth squad. The other players must accept to partecipate to FL, and someone can invite teams. Until FL isn't started, organizer can change type (better if is free, with no tokens or money). If started, the organizer cannot change type.
    4- Can have Bot Robots as friends. Many people lost friends because they don't play and they become Bot Robots. So, if they don't play for long time, the team remains to friend list.
    5- Can recover a team if a player doesn't play. If the team is controlled by Bot Robot and old player returns to play, instead to create a new team he can decide if recover old team.
    6- Add money as gift. 2.5K money is enough.
    7- Add special skill: "Lineout specialist".

    When i remember other suggestions, i'll add them.

    Sorry for bad english or wrong words, but i'm italian and I have the game in the same Language.
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