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    Transfer Listed

    Further to my earlier thread where I called for the abiltiy to list the "Selling Price" (no of tokens) once the player is listed in Negotiations ......and received NO response;

    I am suggesting another.

    Create a TRANSFER LISTED page that all friends can go and "shop"

    Against the 22 players, there will be 4 cols.
    1st col - Base Tokens
    2nd col - Tokens asked by Manager
    3rd col - Total Tokens to be paid by Buyer
    4th col - $ to be paid by Buyer (this col is pro-rated and dependent on col 2).

    I am sure there will be lots more activities and encourage more friends.

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    This will work miles better than Negotiations, managers could choose what players to place on the negotiations markets that way.
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    Yes is a good idea, negotion are very good too, the only bad part is the 24h time to accept the offer is sooooooooo much...
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    i support that idea. the negotiations that we have now is just frustrating because lots of the managers are no longer active and you give them an offer.. and have to wait 24 hours...
    i mean, at least give the buyer a chance to withdraw the offer... so he can get his tokens earlier and bid on other players.. that might active