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Thread: Substitutions

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    A big part of the game that REALLY bugs me is subs. When i make a sub i don't expect it to take 10+ minutes sometimes to happen. Even worse is that the ball is clearly out of play and therefore the substitution should be allowed to happen.

    Subs are made to try and change and make an immediate impact on the game. It really bugs me how long it takes and i think this is a genuine flaw.

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    I agree. plus you cant change your mind after you put in the orders even though it might take some time for it to happen on the field. I had an injured player a minute after I put in the order but I ran out of subs so I couldn't sub in for the injured player, even though my last sub had not been announced
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    Yeah I agree. Shouldn't take that long. I got back too late to make a tactical change this morning prematch so I was ready to do it immediately. 6 mins later the DMC appeared on the park. 2 mins after we lost a goal >.< But ofc its more important for injuries.