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Thread: Forums on Top Eleven

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    Forums on Top Eleven

    How about we add a forums section to top eleven?

    Around half of Top Eleven players play using their phone, and are oblivious to the forums section...

    Due to this I say we should add a forums hyperlink to the top eleven app so this site becomes even more popular!
    Also it would allow a bigger variety of ideas to come up, and also allow them to discuss the game.

    I only recently found out about this forum and love it, and I only hope that others can experience this too which is why I'm proposing this idea

    Post Feedback below

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    The forums can be reached from the link below the app in Facebook. On the phone, I don't think the link should really be there because mobile users have mainly just downloaded the app. Besides, there are plenty of players who play from a computer and still don't come on here.

    If there is a way to bring more people to the forum, then I'm all for it, but I think the focus should be on attracting those playing from their computer first.
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