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Thread: Some awards For top scorers/assisters?

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    Some awards For top scorers/assisters?

    I think u should put some awards for top assisters/scorers so every1 can see that this player before 1-2-3 years was top scorer or assister.. will make it more interesting and funny... if that allready exists and havent seen it yet sorry but my topic is fail

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    i like that idea, i thought about it many times too.
    a small award will be nice too.. 1 extra payment of the league payment for a match of that level
    like,if on level x you get 200k for a league match.. then at the and of the season the best scorer and the best assist get 200k too
    except of the league best player.. that ranking is a one big lie. (:

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    We already talked about that, use search please. Anyway is nice idea but I don't think they will do that.
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