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Thread: Great idea how to bring more player and make this game more fun

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    Great idea how to bring more player and make this game more fun

    I had an idea about tokens and that was that if you sell a player and there was like 10 offers yopu will get 50% of those tokens os you wil get 5 tokens. So if there is an even number lik 2, 4, 6, 8 and othere you will get 50%. And other idea if you are in 1st place you will get 5 tokens, secend 3 tokens and if you are 3rd place you will get 1 token: IF you make that happend i will be so happy

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    Great idea.

    Nordeus shareholders may think otherwise though.......

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    It won't happen. The core goal of Nordeus is to make money. Giving tokens away won't help them with sales, so it won't be implemented.

    It would also create a bigger imbalance between those with strong teams and those with weak teams. If a team finishes first and get 5 extra tokens, then the team that finishes 7th and also gets promoted is put at an even worse disadvantage for the following season.
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    Well, there's already a token sponsor gives u token if u win the league o qualifiy in champions league spot, if u have a strong team choose it, u only receive a daily token if u win the league game, if u confident with ur team chose it..