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Thread: Pie in sky improvements I'd love to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroMagnon View Post
    I'm sure you'd be the first to line up to customize your home grounds.
    If that was directed at me, you couldn't be more wrong, the upgrades other than medical and training have little benefit.
    With good financial management $$ are of little use in the game so big fancy stadiums are way down my list of priorities.
    Besides apart from your self who looks at stadiums, the only time they are of interest to me is in the transfer market for accessing token buyers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Potemy View Post
    Home matches should be suited to yourself. Teams with similar time zones can also be grouped together, but I'd hate to play with other Asians only every season.
    Could not agree anymore... It's a world wide game why should it be restricted to different areas? Home game times are basically the 'Home Advantage' one player gets when they play their home matches, I've had 2 away games kick off very early this season like 9am GMT because my opponent is in thailand and I'm okay with that because it's their home game.
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    Well yes... if I can customize my home and away jerseys, my logo, why not take it a step further and keep going with the customization? Getting things "just so" is part of the fun for me. If you allow subtle team performance improvements a la a stadium turf improvement, they'd even be functional, if you like. No need to hate on my suggestions... that's what this thread is here for.

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