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Thread: Bottom up management!

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    Bottom up management!

    Nordeus' technical problems are many, for instance, they are isolated server based, thus you maybe in a busy server or a new underpopulated server, their league levels are plagued with unfair imbalance teams, the higher up, the worst.

    Unless they cluster and/or cloud their whole operation, "Plan 9 where are you now?!" where all the managers are evenly spread across the board, their problems will continue!

    As with this debauch with the "new comments", just goes to show how shoddy the operation hierarchy is, "The proof is in the pudding!". We as players and customers only can gawk in amazement as to what is going on, with a company servicing millions on a daily basis.

    Instead of branch out and trying to get into the online casino game, which is a sure sign that you are a shady operation by the way, and puffing yourselves up to look all geeky with "Hackathons", how 90's of you, you might want to consolidate what you have, and improve the game from the bottom up.

    Meaning ............ listen to us!

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    I didn't understand a thing but great post, lol!!
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