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Thread: Suggestion for the average team-strength (only best 11)

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    Suggestion for the average team-strength (only best 11)

    Like said in the title: Take the strength of the eleven best players to derive the team strength.

    I know, this is not the real average of the team built up of all the players you may choose for the different formations, but it is more exactly than it is now.
    Now the most managers keep low level players to have a worse average and play against lower teams in the cup. This results in situations where very good managers loose the cup just because they don't have low level players while they have to play against someone who is two levels higher and can achieve much better players (but has a low average because of his few low level players). This is absolutely ridiculous because it is not the best manager who does best during the season who wins the cup, it is the manager with the five lowest reservation players.

    If the average strength would be made by the eleven strongest players, another positive aspect would be, that all low players could be sold and there would be space for new good ones.
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    I keep a full squad with few low * guys... and always get screwed in Cup.
    I would *love* it to be the )ahem( top eleven of the team...

    But it still wouldn't stop people from playing the numbers, really.

    I think Team average - 3 worst players might help prevent skewing the draw, but even then it's still possible.
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