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Thread: Couple of suggestions / issues ...

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    Couple of suggestions / issues ...

    1. Why are there different players available on the transfer list going from the Top11 computer version, and the Top11 phone app version? Doesn't seem fair if some people only use the computer or only use the phone app version of Top11.

    2. When receiving 'gifts' (skill points) from your friends no matter how many friends you have you only get ONE skill point instead of the number of friends that send you skill points. For example, if you have 5 friends and they all send you skill point gifts you only get one skill point.

    3. Make it available to send your Top11 friends messages on the computer app and phone app.

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    1. When the players on the transfer list is very large, they only show a certain amount of players. If you refresh your computer (I dont play on mobile) you will sometimes get a different transfer list.
    2. It prevents someone from having 100 friends all send them skill points. You can only get 1 gift type per day no matter how many people send you the gifts
    3. I think this is a good idea, but they would have to monitor it to prevent foul language, and also how would players of different languages converse?

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    I agree with RJSlow.
    2. If you got skillpoints from each of your friends it would start a friendlist race among players. It would also greatly affect the game balance. Improvement through training and matches would be almost meaningless. Also I have seen friendlists of 1000+ on other facebook games. That´s 1000+ skillpoints per day. Do you really want this?
    3. Messages would be nice but it had to be friendlist only to not produce lots of trashtalk.