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Thread: special ability use..

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    Question special ability use..

    I was noticing that it is completely useless that a player has a special 'corner taking' ability if you can't select who takes the corners! The same thing for free kick takers... I noticed while reading the highlights in a live match that all different players take free kicks and corners... Or is there a way to select a corner or free kick taker and i don't know about it...?
    Also it would be good if there was a possibility to loan players to make the game more realistic...

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    You have the options in your settings, select your team option up, then look to the right where you team formation is shown, at the side of this there is 7 boxes running down the side! you will see the options for order (a spanner) little men( subs) then the next four are self explanitary, penalty, freekick, corners, captain, select one of them then drag the players from you team selection to the correct place and save.
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    you cant do it from your phone only PC
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    For phone (Android) go to the Squad screen and select orders then tap orders on bottom bar where you can select subs, pk, ck, fk and Captain Orders.