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Thread: Injury frequency

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    Injury frequency

    I feel this is getting a bit ridiculous. I get it, we should spend some money to support the game. What I can't understand is either how unbelievably unlucky I am or how frequently my players get injuries.

    Im level 5 I upgrade the pitch as much as I can and as fast as I can, and I get almost an injured player every 2 games. How is this possible? I make my substitutions and make sure the players are fit to play. Last season I had 3 injured players in one match that I won for maybe 6-0. Is it just me or when I am ass kicking I always have injured players? Are players more prone to injury when they are winning by 6 goals? Shouldn't they relax a bit? Maybe in the Team mentality you should add: "avoiding injuries".

    Either I'm really unlucky (my friends complain of the same so I can't be just me) or this is getting out of control. I need to have 3 teams to be able to have normal season.

    PS: Hasn't anyone noticed that the Win tokens thing, the survey companies are a rip-off? They are gathering the data they want, while at the say time tell you you're not getting any tokens cause you are not the person they wanted. Is top eleven even aware of that?

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    I read somewhere... Arsenal in last 10 years, 667 injuries of first team players... thats 66.7 per season... and if squad has 25 players, thats 2.5 injuries per player in one season... Here every team plays at least 30 games per season (52 max, friendlies excluded), then all those trainings... so we are lucky not to have at least 75 injuries per season lol...