How can I view the records of my own players the previous seasons? I also suggest making players interacting with you a little bit, this game is getting big, why not make it more of a complete Football Manager game.

Also I feel the DEVs created the skill points and abilities distribution along with SA in a hurry? I know its been said before but it just pisses me off everytime my goalie gives a skill point to finishing and my outfield player increase their handling abilities. Arial abilities are not for defense alone! I want to go for a change with Crouch or Caroll perhaps? Corner kick SA makes more sense as "Crosser". What exactly is Defensive Wall? Sounds like defending freekicks but why the wall has an arrow pointing in the other direction of the ball? I heard somewhere maybe its for closing down long shots??? We got 1on1 stopper to counter 1on1 scorer. Defensive wall counter Freekicks and Arial abilities defend corners. What counters dribblers and playmakers? Add on Tactitian and Tacklers to even things out. Shadow Strikers are False 10 players perhaps, lets make False 9 Strikers. Tweak the illegal formations please, sometimes I ask myself the DEVs know anything about Football? Also with the money Nordeous is making, I highly suggest 2D match movements of players. I want to see if the players actually follow my tactics or not. Its getting so annoying...."Counter attack to ST...this looks interesting...he might go all the way...timely pass to .... Really??? every match repeats itself!!! Something I dont get is the possession bonus. They should replace that with moral boosts or momentum swings.

It would be nice to have side arrows and little more instructions for players. Im a beginner but after spending minimum amount of money like 10 bucks, do bunch of offers and videos, go into forum and read all the tips, im sweeping away everything in my way with minimal effort. Get a strong 5 star and 6 star squad, have knowledge of the game and read alot of tips thats my winning strategy. I feel more like a damn CEO more than a manager. But I guess if Nordeous make the game too complicated, they will lose those donkeys that throw 99 tokens on a 29 year old player no SA...

Just some suggestions guys...Also I wana know is there anyone willing to sell me their account at level 15+? I mean when am I going to be playing July or some other greats? Im sure all decent managers atleast get promoted every season?