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Thread: suggesting short term cup (if more competitions is needed)

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    suggesting short term cup (if more competitions is needed)

    Many managers suggest creating new UEFA Cup like new cup. I do not strongly object, but I feel fine for the current cup structures and number of matches. If more matches should be added, instead of UEFA Cup, I rather enjoy participating short term cups.

    I suggest holding short term cups similar to pre-season friendly tournaments:
    - They may be held on Day 1 or 2 of a season, or even on a new season break day for the 2nd phrase or finals.
    - They may consume conditions like friendly matches, or even do not consume conditions. So participating team can play more daily matches.
    - The cup draw may base on teams' quality. Since the cup is short term, unlike the traditional cup, the qualities may not change much over the course of this cup. To have more fun, the teams may even be grouped according to countries or regions.
    - The prize will be small comparing with normal competitions. But trophies will still be listed as the teams' history.

    Such cup will need less effort comparing with current competitions. Managers who don't like these can simply ignore them.
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