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Thread: Wing Player Role Suggestions (ML/MR for example)

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    Wing Player Role Suggestions (ML/MR for example)

    Looking at player roles and what they can play whenever you see a ML for example, they can only learn MC or DML or AML... I think the ML should be able to learn MR without having to learn MC role first.

    So we could have a wing player that is capable of playing on either side of the wing and also can Nordeus also generate some wing players that can play both DL/DR, DML/DMR, ML/MR amd AML/AMR for example without having the central position assigned, they are many footballers that can play either side of the wings but not sufficient for a central role.
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    I agree

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    You got my support

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    I agree, and i think that 50 training points are too much.
    A player could be abble to play another role just being in this position for 10 or 15 matchs, like in real football.
    (Abidal with France DL -> DC, or Lassana Diarra in Chelsea MDC -> DR)
    I don't really think that a lot of people spend 50 points to learn a new role...

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    Yah it don't make sense how a player halts his advancement in abilities in order to adapt to a new position. Makes more sense if the player plays well for certain games in the new role or number man of the match. If they keeping the same direction, players must be able to learn different roles and let's say to play on opposite wings should costs less than 50 skill points just like some SA costs less than others. Although I think their SA is crap since I don't see clear advantage of having SA other than make your roster look nice. Shooting and finishing is totally different from freekick and penalty techniques. Leaning into skill points, not only they need to fix the Goalie, they also need to change the whole system either automatically distributing the skills based on players position and unique character or let us freely distributing the points ourselves. It's not strange to have a semi-pro player who is not technically gifted but are physically strong or fast but it certainly is annoying seeing a GK with high outfield stats, Defenders so creative, Midfielders that can play as GK but if he steps between the posts he loses the skills he possesses? Another thing about Scouts is sometimes they no better than a young player you train yourself because their stats are all around. Nordeous is angry it seems because the whole dams scouts list are all aggressive.