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Thread: Top Strikers, Assisters, etc

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    Lightbulb Top Strikers, Assisters, etc

    Hi everybody!

    I've been thinking on this and I've already said this on Twitter to TopEleven and they told me to put the suggestion here, on the Forum. I have only made it to come here today, so here it is, my suggestion:

    Top Strikers, Top Assisters and The Top Ranked, should get a reward!
    The same way in real life Football, the league's top scorer gets a reward, the player with most goals, the one with most assists, and the one that's the best rated on your Top Eleven's league should be rewarded by the end of the season. That reward can be different for each category and may promote the player or the mannager. What I mean is, these three players can have different rewards each that may help the player itself or the mannager that owns him. I have some reward' suggestions; for example, they could get one more star; they could earn money for the team/mannager; they could earn tokens for the team/mannager; they could get trainning points; they could get a special ability, etc.

    This is my suggestion to make Top Eleven more interesting and competitive, but also to motivate the mannagers and players.
    If you have any suggestion, or anything else to say, like whether you agree or not, please reply!
    Bellow I will leave my Twitter account, which his where I go the most and will be able to answer quickly (I do follow back).

    Thanks for your attention, and sorry if my english's not that good...!
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    This has been discussed many times on the forums.. But yes, I think it is a good idea.

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    I agree with the special abilities and skill points, but I don't think the manger should get tokens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hassan FC View Post
    I agree with the special abilities and skill points, but I don't think the manger should get tokens
    Why would you not want to get tokens?
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    @Manu, on some of them I agree with you but please use search we already talked about this ideas.
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