for this new year there's some advices to make from top eleven more better:
* add direct chatting between managers
* add some sounds to the game(goals-fouls-cards...)
* add another competition (why not a world tour where we can play against the best players from every country)
* make many events where managers can have special rewards (like if connecting in special times for example or winning extra bonuses when winning friendly games in special days )
* if the season starts in the 1st of every month it will be better
* what is the importance of achievements if we will not be rewarded when accomplishing them ? and think also to add other positive achievements
* if we can loan 1 player from friends in special tournament it will be a good thing
* we need really to know the notes of the players during the game or at least in the half-time
* nordeus needs seriously to review the prizes given for the competition winners (add some tokens and give more cash)
* top players and top scorers and top assists must be awarded with tokens
* reducing the time of rest will be great
* only 1 daily gift from all the players is seriously not enough
* 1 day of rest between 2 seasons will be very useful to preapare our teams
* make all the features in the web version available in the mobile version and make a windows phone version

i hope Nordeus will consider these advices because i think it will make our game moooooooore nice and will attract a big number of new managers