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Thread: 2 Suggestions here....

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    Post 2 Suggestions here....

    1) Gain Special Abilities by EXP (Experience) .
    The first suggestion here was to gain the player's Special Abilities by EXP (experience). I define, when you put one of your player to one of your orders such as penalty taker, corner, etc ; they will gain their Special Abilities EXP through the match played. I give an example: If your chosen player takes a corner, they will gain their EXP each time the corner was taken, and if it as an assist to the scorer, they will increase their EXP by x2.0. Same goes to the Penalty Specialist and Free Kick Specialist, if he score, he will gain EXP by x1.5 . We already talk about attacking specialists, now it's time to talk about defending specialists. Example: Defensive Wall .... if the defender successfully tackles the opponent, they'll gain their EXP. Same goes to the Aerial Defender. And same goes to the Goalkeeper....

    2)Creating a Moving "Formation Box" when you watching them LIVE
    The second one is about creating a realistic player's movement through the Formation Box . No need to create the player's body or details, just move the Player's Name in the Formation Box, to see who's assisting or scorer (They are moving automatically based on your orders or tactic). And add a ball's position where it was. And within the same time you can change the formation of your players upon the conditions. That's all.


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    Your second idea is good but pretty hard to do it.

    About first idea, I think it can stay like is now, there is nothing wrong for me but yes is more realistic what are you saying, I like it.
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