Why it takes so long to sub? Sometime it takes 10 minutes after I save my sub decision in order to sub which sometimes is useless. Sometimes I sub in the 80th minute and my sub never made it onto the pitch. I don't get how it works!!! O.K!!! Fine, so you figure the players are gifted and kept fluid play for long time but what about the times I made extra sub before the 1st sub even came on yet the game produces the subbing 10 minutes apart!!! I feel the DEVs concentrate too much on transfer market as it happens all day and forgot the rest. I hope the DEVs fix the "SAVES" stats, the skill points for Goal Keepers and input a 2D engine match play because we all want to see our players movements and compare them to our tactics and instructions. Or atleast change the comments or add more to the match. I'm so sick of watching the same game over and over pretty much with the lack of creativity the commentator comes up with. Also some matches leave the managers clueless because sometimes I would get like 4 goals in space of 10 minutes not knowing how it happened because all I know is "he shapes to shoot, scores" "with a long shot, goal keeper didn't even see it" "player hits one"...How am I supposed to react and adjust my tactics to stuff like that? Our only real highlight of the day is the match and it so short and lacks so much passion. This is online play with real players but full of robots and abandon teams. If a team don't sign in for long time send them an email and if they don't reply delete their account. Something really needed is in-game interaction as it will create more interests and rivalry in the game.