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Thread: Needs more,like simple games back in the 80's(football director)

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    Needs more,like simple games back in the 80's(football director)

    Reserve games,international duty,in game form rating very important.etc

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    Yes I see the suggestion for in game form fairly often, I really wish they would have it.. making subs is still a gamble. I have taken out the man of the match a couple times.

    International... well, most of the Leagues are pretty diverse, and I think of Cup as the int'l since I see a greater variety there.

    If your reserves need a workout.. play a friendly.
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    I'd like it too if there was International Duty. Maybe taking a select team, running a friendly (watchable or not) with a little reward/kickback for those managers that got a player selected. But more realistically even if it was just a mail saying "Your player X was selected for Scotland and has been awarded a bonus rest/T/X.".....or +1 to a 'Cap' stat that increased MV by a penny *dreaming again*

    PS. Maybe I'd have a high chance of at least 1 of my guys playing for Scotland.
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    But Buffs would playing for Scotland be classed as an international.
    (just joking, honestly, just having a laugh), please do not take offense.

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    Hy Richard, it's easier if you will open a new thread for each idea.

    Reserve games, just like Cat Said, play a friendly or go to training and set a PRACTICE MATCH on level 2 or 3.
    international duty, can you give us more details about how you see this concept?
    Game form rating, I support this idea because it will motivate players to watch their games.
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    In T11 world, if an international team will be selected for each country, only players from top level team will be selected. Most people who suggests for this may never have players selected and won't have interest. Maybe international team for each level. On the other hand, will anyone manage it? Will there any matches? I cannot imagine how this works with simple suggestion.

    I believe managers will feel more interesting if they may participate in team selection or even management. So instead of international teams, server/league select team may be created with the best manager assigned for team selection and management. And some inter-league or inter-server friendly matches will be arranged so that the call up will be meaningful.

    I just try to think of this in more details. I don't see this will work and worth for further studying as most managers may have no role in these activities.