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Thread: Transfer reward

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    Transfer reward

    When you sell a player, you only benefit by getting some money in exchange. You guys have made an other option and I'm well aware but it's really not that succesful because those players are expensive, even though they're not so bad of an alternative for scout players. But when bidding it's more about the bidder losing tokens then it is about the provider winning some( normal transfer procedure). So I think it would be a nice idea if the owner of the player gets the tokens that are injected by bidders when fighting over a player. This way the tokens don't just dissapear and you get money AND tokens, which is a really nice reward. It would also be easier than waiting 24h for the owner to reply.

    About my last line: what about the owner setting a minimum amount of money and tokens for you to buy the player? This way you won't have to wait till he accepts/sees it so everybody wins!
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    Yes, seller receiving the tokens placed by the winning bidder, I think this is an awesome idea



    (knowing Nordeus business model, however very unlikely)

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    I want 100s of T from auctions.

    (Then I could stop saying to set a bid limit and say instead "Go to War!" or "He called you a wimp!")

    Better if the redesigned the Negotiations to be a direct transfer version of TM with optional listing and make Nordeus' cut a bit less greedy.

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    OK Fantasy Island time again. Sounds a great idea, but, even in real life it is the buying team that puts in all the effort (token wise according to Nordeus) and the selling team just get the money. So I cannot see Nordeus agreeing to this. How much effort do teams like Chelski put in to buy overpaid prima donnas. My preferred method of swapping players for teams is a loan system with the option to buy at the end of the loan period (limited obviously to a certain number of loanees) but I think that the programming may be difficult.
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    Everything should stay as it is. Nordeus won't agree with this. 5 years with this system and went ok.

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    is an awesome idea