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Thread: Personalized scouting sistem

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    Personalized scouting sistem

    Well i think lot of us have struggled into spending 1 or even 2 or more seasons waiting to fill a key-role with a scout, but never actually managing to get that role from the observer. I know randomness makes the game cooler but i do think we should have the opportunity at least to press some influence into the scouts sortouts. So i thought of a way which might be ok for bot players and

    Basically, introduce a subsection under observer where we can select, through spending UNA TANTUM tokens, on which roles our observer should put more attention when scouting.

    Let's say i want MC, ST and DR. As first time, i pay 5 tokens (una tantum) to make my observer focus on scouting possibly a ST.
    It could be made the same way for special abilities. So i would have to pay X tokens (5 was a random) over the normal 50 to let my observer seek for THAT role and THAT special ability.

    Ofc, that wouldn't mean you ought to 100% find that said player. It'd be a "bet" (but ofc with good odds) you're willing to put for the future. You could invest X tokens now to try get what you want the week after.

    And that's all :P

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    Yes I agree with you here, this season I didn't had any good scout player till almost half of the season...
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    The scouting system isnt great at the moment, not enough at the top level of quality and I have even bought players that have performed really poorly!!!

    This is putting me off buying scouted players, which is silly as you want managers to invest the 50 tokens rather than 4 or 5 in an auction.