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Thread: About Suggestions (Plead read!)

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    About Suggestions (Plead read!)

    Please post all suggestions and ideas you have in this sub-forum, to help them be easy to locate;
    when in other sub-forums they might get missed.

    We can't respond to all ideas or posts for various reasons, but I assure you they'll be read!

    If you confine each thread to one detailed suggestion only, with a descriptive title (not just "Suggestion")
    it would be very helpful; then all posts on your thread are about just that, so it is clearer.
    As well, all views of that thread show the interest of people who might not post.

    One person's many ideas are great, but not an indicator of what the community thinks.
    If they see a lot of people like one idea... it is better.

    If you look back just one or two pages in the sub-forum Suggestions, you can see if there is already a similar idea in other posts. It would be better to add your opinion to a recent existing post than putting it in a list.
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