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Thread: (NORDS) Ideas to improve the game. There are a lot of needs

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    (NORDS) Ideas to improve the game. There are a lot of needs

    You guys make a browser game with nearly no graphics. Your animated match makes Pong look like The Elder Scrolls. You want to see animated matches? Go look at another facebook game (Kamikat Football), playable matches, many different varieties of stadiums, etc. I wouldn't want to physically play the matches but if they can make the graphics the way they do without anywhere near the player volume and profit then you can do a whole lot better.

    Every single token buyer spends far more than a console game on T11. Yet without the hosting costs you'd be nearly all profit I'd bet. Even the non token buyers bring in revenue from all the offers.

    You could make the experience 100x better and most of the changes are just time, not serious money. Not expecting FIFA 16 here.

    I want customizable facilities, especially my stadium. I want more kit design options. I want player avatars so I can see my boys in the shirt I made. I want you to fix the player ratings, even just in appearance (Either make the skills look more like Fifa does or at least have 4 different sets of training skills for GK/Defenders/Attackers/Midfielders) What the hell does a GK need tackling and finishing for?

    I want a much more realistic financial model. This nonsense with multi million dollar players at the bottom tiers and full teams of players costing more than any transfer in history sucks. Stop the 200K seat stadiums (120 MAX), nobody but Kim Jong Il builds(built) crap like that. Make the ticket prices more realistic and tiered by area of the stadium.

    More variation in shirt sponsors and in TV deals. Companies would not only gladly let you use their logos but would pay you for it. Who wouldn't want a Benz shirt, etc? TV deals based on the broadcasters in your country (like Sky in UK or NBC in US). All of this goes with fixing the model so people at higher levels make PROFITS, not have to stage weekly midseason friendlies to stay in the black.

    Fix the age/vs growth system along with their value. Yes they should grow the fastest as a teen but they shouldn't slow down so badly by 22 that you seriously think about replacing guys with 100+ career goals. They should grow quite well until around 27, stagnate for 3-5 yrs, then start to decline (except GK). I would invest much more if I could shape my stadium, build a team core of Nordgens that stick around for 10 seasons or more, and not see a whole team of $100M+ players.

    Make the Academy more a part of the game. Lower token cost for getting them but also bring in loaning. So we can send young players with potential out to lower lvls to grow and not have to sell them or miss out on a good academy product because I'm at 22 players......Small token fees for full season loans would be great for everyone. Your 2-3* academy product gets to be a stud 2-3 levels below while getting experience.

    Shrink the number of levels and make it uniform across all servers. Some may not agree but it ruins the immersion to think (I'm at lvl 4, that is the 20th odd tier). 10-15 is enough. At the bottom they should make and be worth very little. Those rises should be very slow until you get to the top 2-3 tiers (also reversing it from calling it lvl3 and instead call it the 12th tier would be a nice touch.

    Maybe make the servers more regional!!!! So I am not a team in France while most of my league is from Indonesia or Brazil.

    Eliminate the CL from all but the top tier and replace it with a different competition for other levels, like a National cup or at least very regional like Western Europe or North America (one that is not tied to ability but tier and region). The Champions League should be the big show, only the best of the best.

    Bring in token prizes for winning titles. Make the silverware worth something more than a tiny difference in fake money and a shiny object nobody else can see 2 seasons later.

    Finally, change the promotion system and add relegation. The latter ends the tanking (curtails at least), the death blow to that would be that top talent would demand to leave a club without ambition. Don't go crazy with it but an 8-9* player wouldn't stay at a losing club for long.... With no CL at the lower levels you could reduce the promotions to say 4 with equal drops. It also allows abandoned teams to fall back where they belong, keeping the upper levels more active and giving everyone something to play for all season.
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    What of that list do you put first priority on?

    Did you happen to read this...
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