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Thread: Filtering option in friend calendar

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    Filtering option in friend calendar

    Dear all, I really would like to have the possibility to support my friends in their more important matches so I really think that it would be great to have a filter in the friend calendar matches.. First of all it would be helpful almost a filter by competition...the color on the left hand side is not enough having now more than forty friends. Secondly, the option to have a filter by friend would be great but I can recognize it would be resource demanding implement this option.

    What about your opinion? Don't you have some problem in order to follow friend important matches? Sometimes I even missed to support them during cup or CL finals due to the mixing up of all the games!
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    Yes, when you have a lot of friends, is quite hard to follow all, sometimes you feel like even you can't find them because the list is so big.
    Maybe a seaching by name option would fix this because it will make it much easier for everyone to find who they need.
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